Trials of Death by Darren Shan


 Book 5 (Book 1: Cirque du Freak, Book 2: The Vampire’s Assistant, Book 3: Tunnels of Blood, Book 4: Vampire Mountain)  

Novel Summation: 

The Trials: seventeen ways to die unless the luck of the vampires is with you. Darren Shan must pass five fearsome Trials to proves himself to the vampire clan or face the stakes in the Hall of Death. But Vampire Mountain holds hidden threats. Sinister, potent forces are gathering in the darkness. In this nightmare world of bloodshed and betrayal, death may be a blessing… 

My Thoughts:  

This book was just as excellent as the others. Unlike the previous books where there was a time gap in between books this book takes place right after the events of the last. In order for Darren to prove himself worthy of being a half vampire and in order to show that Mr. Crepsley did not make a mistake Darren has agreed to take part in the trials. Darren must do 5 trials. The first is an aquatic maze which he must navigate with a boulder attached to him, the second is Darren must make it through a path of needles, the third is he must survive in a room that has fire shooting out, the fourth is he must fight blooded boars, and the fifth well you will just have to read the book to find out. In this book we get a more in-depth look at the characters and see how they interact with each other. A shocking “betrayal” is made at the end of the book and someone loses their life. The book mainly focuses on Darren preparing for the Trials and Darren in the Trials. There is a festival in the middle of the book that shows how all the vampires act with one another. Darren certainly has matured since the first book but it is apparent that there is still some childish mannerism in him. I have noticed that this series is mainly targeted for boys, although girls will still certainly enjoy it. I would recommend this book if you have enjoyed the others in the series. 

Future Books: 

The next books in the series are The Vampire Prince, Hunters of the Dusk, Allies of the Night, Killers of the Dawn, The Lake of Souls, Lord of the Shadows, and Sons of Destiny.


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