Jekyl Loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey


Novel Summation:

When Jill Jekyl’s father is violently murdered, her entire world is turned upside down. To make matters worse, it appears her father was involved in some pretty shady business right before his death, including late nights at the lab where he worked and the unauthorized–and devastating–spending of Jill’s entire college fund. So when her teacher suggests she team up with the brooding but gorgeous Tristen Hyde for a prestigious chemistry competition, she decides to go for the Jekel & Hyde pairing in an attempt to win a college scholarship. Knowing her father not only believed they were descendents of the real Dr. Jekyll made famous by the novel, but had also hidden documents outlinging the original formula that transformed Jekyll into Hyde, Jill suggests to Tristen that they try to recreate the notorious potion. Tristen, who believes he is a direct descendent of the evil Mr. Hyde, is grappling with his own demons and is eager to recreate the formula and help vanquish the beast within. But in a struggle of good versus evil, the pair quickly learns that they are dealing with a much deadlier game than they signed up for when they first dug up the old experiments.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this book. It was an interesting twist on an old classic. I haven’t actually read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde but after reading this book I think I will. The alternating points of view between Jill and Tristen gave a lot of depth to the characters but at times I found that it made the book sometimes difficult to read. Jill is an average girl, she doesn’t have any amazing characteristics although she is smart, kind, and understanding. She could be a bit annoying to deal with because it seemed like she could never handle a situation on her own or do anything on her own. Only through Tristens perspective do we see more. Tristen is the typical loner, bad boy appearance and not very sociable. Tristen is a descendant from the original Mr. Hyde and Jill is a descendant from the original Dr. Jekyll. They both match these defined traits perfectly. Jill is a scientist bent on discovering the truth and Tristen has all these forbidden desires that appear with his other half. The twist towards the end of the book is quite short but very interesting. Lets just say I think the twist showed that there is a little bit of Jekyl and Hyde in everyone. I would recommend this book to everyone and I am sure if you read the classical novel you would enjoy this new modern twist on it as well.


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