The Vampire Prince by Darren Shan


Book 6 (Book 1: Cirque du Freak, Book 2: The Vampire’s Assistant, Book 3: Tunnels of Blood, Book 4: Vampire Mountain, Book 5: Trials of Death)

Novel Summation:

Betrayed by Kurda and reeling from the brutal slaying of Gavner, the vampires assistant, Darren Shan, finds himself branded a traitor and hunted by the vampire clan. Will Darrens failure to complete the Trials mean banishment for Mr Crepsley and execution for himself? Or can Darren return to the home of the damned and exact revenge? But Darren comes to realise that there is more than revenge at stake the vampire clan must combat the rise of the Vampaneze Lord, or see his ascension mark the end of thousands of years of vampire rule.

My Thoughts:

Once again the Darren Shan saga continues to impress. This book manly focus on Darren and there is little interactions between him and other characters until the last third of the book. The first two-thirds of the book consist of Darren’s struggle to make his way back to Vampire Mountain to warn the vampires about the betrayal of Kurda. Darren does get help from the wolves he met on his way up to Vampire Mountain. The last third of the book consists of Darren explaining about the betrayal, a fight between the vampires and the vampaneze, the trial of Kurda and his punishment, and a life altering decision for Darren’s running away from his fate in the trials. I find the title of the book covers two things. It covers Kurdas appointment to the status of prince and it covers one more thing which is revealed at the end of the book which I won’t spoil. In the book Kurda explains his reason for betrayal. Darren contemplates whether Kurda was good or evil. Kurdas choice would have benefitted the vampires and vampaneze. He wanted to prevent the war of the scars from happening and prevent a large amount of lives lost. Kurda wanted singularity not disunity. However, this would damage the vampires pride and Kurda acted outside the vampires laws and ways. In the end of the book two main characters are dead. The deaths were pretty upsetting.  Since this book had less interactions it wasn’t as enjoyable but it also had a fight scene which was quite entertaining. I recommend this book to everyone who has enjoyed the other books in the series.

Future Books:

The next book sin the series are: Hunters of the Dusk, Allies of the Night, Killers of the Dawn, The Lake of Souls, Lord of the Shadows, and Sons of Destiny.


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