Hunger by Michael Grant










 Book 2 (Book 1: Gone)

Novel Summation:

It’s been three months since all the adults disappeared. Gone. Food ran out weeks ago and starvation is imminent. Meanwhile, the normal teens have grown resentful of the kids with powers. And when an unthinkable tragedy occurs, chaos descends upon the town. There is no longer right and wrong. Each kid is out for himself and even the good ones turn murderous. But a larger problem looms. The Darkness, a sinister creature that has lived buried deep in the hills, begins calling to some of the teens in the FAYZ. Calling to them, guiding them, manipulating them. The Darkness has awakened. And it is hungry.

My Thoughts:

<Spoiler> It has been awhile since I read the book because after I read it I didn’t immediately blog about it. From what I do remember I really enjoyed reading the book. Many different conflicts appeared in the book. There was the conflict between those with powers and those who resented the kids with powers. Zill, a human leads the Human Crew against the mutants. There is an inner conflict between chosing to remain in the Fayz or to poof out when you turn 15. There is the struggle to survive since all the food and other items is running out. Caine has to struggle with the darkness that has entered into his mind when he met the Darkness. Then there is the Darkness itself that is corrupting and trying to escape. The healer Lana is struggling with her encounter with the darkness as well.  Little Pete has been constantly fighting the Darkness in his mind. This book was enjoyable because there was a fighting scene at the power plant which really made the book exciting. The cause of the Fayz is discovered and only a few know the real cause. A lot more romances are strengthened and blooming. Caine and Diana seem to be developing something. Sam and Astrid get a lot closer but towards the end they start having different opinions on how things should be running. Drake works along side the Darkness against everyone. At the end of the book the Darkness is supposedly destroyed and a girl who died during the fight at the power plant awakens. To sum up the characters: Edilio, Sams right hand man still hasn’t developed any powers, Quinn, Sams best friend finds himself useful when he discovers a skill for fishing which he sells, Dekka has the ability to remove gravity from a limited space and has an unrequited crush on Brianna, Brianna can run at really fast speeds,  Computer Jack has super strength, Albert a human runs the McDonalds and a club, he also developed a money system, Orc is half rock and will do jobs for alcohol, Mary the keeper of the daycare struggles with her eating disorder, Orsay a new character can see into peoples dreams and has been living in the forest for awhile, Taylor a mutant the can teleport and carries messages, Bug can camoflauge and acts as a spy, and Hunter is a mutant who can fire waves of heat like a microwave from his hands.

Future Books:The next book in the series is called Lies. Followed by Plague, Darkness, and then Light.


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