Where are you my friend? By Megan Bacchus


I feel that if you have words in your head you should write them down because you never know what you can come up with. I have been inspired a lot recently and so I wrote another poem. I hope you enjoy.

Where are you my friend?

Where are you my friend?
When did you go home?
Why have you left me all alone?

I remember your face,
I remember the feel of you near.
That laugh, that embrace,
The way that you were always there.

You mean the world to me,
You are my other half.
It was a friendship that was meant to be,
You could always make me laugh.

You’re kind, you’re sweet,
You’re the bravest person I know.
The hardest thing I’ve ever done,
Was having to let you go.

I think about you every day,
Your smell, your warmth, your smile.
All those memories that I would replay,
The way that you made my heart race a mile.

We had our fun, we had a blast,
So many captured memories,
It’s a pity that it couldn’t last.

But this isn’t really goodbye,
This really isn’t the end,
I will always be there for you,
I will always be your friend.


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