Tempestuous by Lesley Livingston










Book 3 (Book 1: Wondrous Strange, Book 2: Darklight)

Novel Summation:

In the days after Darklight, the Avalon Theater has burned to the ground. The shadowy figure poisoning King Auberon is still at large. And Kelley and Sonny are torn asunder because of the lie Kelley told that changed everything. Now Kelley tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered life,while Sonny takes refuge with a band of Lost Fae in an abandoned reservoir beneath Central Park. But those who would steal the Green Magick are not finished yet. A final show down is coming, one that will put Sonny and Kelley’s love for each other to the ultimate test if they survive that long. A vivid cast of characters returns among them, SummerFae Tyff, trickster Bob, Mabh and Titania, and the dangerously alluring Fennrys Wolf.

My Thoughts:

From what I remember this book was enjoyable. It was fast paced and it ended with a bang. All the players come back for this book and the relationship between Kelley and Sonny is solidified. All secrets are out in this book. Sonny finally learns who he is and understand why Kelley did what she did. Kelley finally learns to master her powers and her self. The book was a nice conclusion to the series. If you enjoyed the series so far you will enjoy this book.


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