Endure by Carrie Jones










Book 4 (Book 1: Need, Book 2: Captivate, Book 3: Entice)

Novel Summation:

When evil pixies cause mass destruction and chaos in Bedford, Maine, sixteen-year-old Zara prepares for war, aligning her team of pixies with the humans she loves so much, a task made more difficult by her growing feelings for pixie king Astley.

My Thoughts:

Everything about this book and series is beautiful. The covers are gorgeous, the story is well written, and the characters are enticing. Usually when you read a series the books in between the first and the last book are fillers. They have subplots that aren’t very interesting and the reader just wants to know what is going to happen with the main plot. However, this series has none of that. Each book offers a continuation of the storyline from the previous book without the plot getting stale. In this book a final showdown between the good pixies and the weres vs. the bad pixies is imminent. Also, the threat of the end of the world is there. All the main characters get their own time to shine in the book. The relationship between Zara and Astley complicated with the return of Nick but it also builds. I was very happy and satisfied with the conclusion of that love triangle. I loved all the characters. In particular Astley is my favourite. He never wavers from being his true self and his love. My only one criticism of the book is that the Norse mythology was pretty important in the book and it was only explored in the previous book. I think the Norse mythology should have been introduced from the beginning in some small way. I would recommend this series to everyone.

Check out my character: http://shortstuff2511.tumblr.com/post/26856033258/need-series-book-character


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