The Wicked Within by Kelly Keaton


Wicked Within









Book 2 (Book 1: Darkness Becomes Her, Book 2: A Beautiful Evil)

Novel Summation:

Her fate is not set in stone. Having temporarily defeated Athena, Ari races to break the gorgon curse that has plagued the women in her family for centuries. Her one lead sends her on a quest for the Hands of Zeus, an ancient relic last seen in the charge of New 2’s ruling elite, the Novem. But if there is one thing that Athena desires as much as revenge, it’s the Hands of Zeus—and Athena always gets what she wants. Before either can locate the Hands, the statue goes missing, and a trail of blood follows those who once protected the relic’s secrets. Ari knows that her city, her friends, Sebastian—her life—depend upon her finding the statue before Athena. And with rumors an ancient power is on the rise, that may not be her only concern…

My Thoughts:

I really enjoy the world this book takes place in. It’s really cool to have demigods (from a variety of different pantheons)/shapeshifters, witches, vampires, and some other supernaturals. I think this book was really fast paced which is both good and bad. It did go from one action piece to the next but it also lost quite a bit of depth which means there was no build up to any climax. The characters aren’t given the depth they once were except Ari and a bit of Sebastian. The whole flipping back and forth between romantic feeling with Ari was a bit annoying. I would have liked a bit more history of the gods and maybe saw some more of the Greek gods. If there is a future book it would be cool to see other supernatural people from other cities come to New 2 or some other gods causing trouble.


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