Hello all. This is going to be my world of “verbal diarrhea” as my friend would say.  Reading is one of my passions and I hope that through my blog you will become interested in reading more. Last year I spent over 200 dollars on books from Chapters and as a sort of punishment I’ve decided that every time I buy and finish reading a book I will blog about it. I read a variety of books but most follow the themes of fantasy and history and most are fiction. Just now I had to look up the word fiction again. I can never remember if it means fact or non-fact. What makes it even more confusing is that I always assume non fiction means non fact but its the opposite. Well, I hope you all enjoy my blog and find it both informational and a little inspiring. Just kidding. Enjoy. Just to note the books are not in the order I have read them in and the blogs aren’t done by date. For example if I post 5 books in the next 3 days it does not mean I actually read those books during those days. Though it usually does take me 2 days to read a book if I really enjoy it. In the future though by blogs about the books will be posted around the time I finished them.

Check out my other blog that has some of my fan fiction; the characters that I create for movies, anime, and books that I read/watch:


This is my movie review blog:



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